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Hudson Hair Company

Real people. Real beauty. Real purpose



Hudson Hair Company

At Hudson Hair Company we believe that looking your best can help you be your best. That the time you spend here is more than just a haircut or color. It’s an investment in yourself.

We strive to be authentic and to use our talents to build up the people around us by creating a culture where talented individuals thrive.

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience at Hudson Hair. It is a zen relaxing atmosphere which is an added plus to the amazing cut and color. I love that my hair looks great and is easy to style on my own.


Real Beauty


Hair Cut & Styling

Hair cuts include an invigorating shampoo and hot towel essential oil treatment along with a full blow dry and touching up with an iron...

Change Color

Book a consultation or call for specific color service quotes...

Keratherpy Smoothing

Semi permeant treatment to tame frizz and reduce curl.


Facial Waxing 


(NSG) Non-Surgical Skin Grafting is a new, advanced option that is invisible to the eyes, super lightweight, livable hair.

Hair Extensions

DreamCatchers hair is  all about quality, they only use 100% Remy hair that is silicone free...

Top Quality Salon Products

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Real People
Hair Stylist
since 2004

Salon Owner 2023

Molly knew she wanted to work with hair since age 11. It's most important to her that you love the way you look and feel your most confident. Molly loves creating dimensional looks for her clients and has experience  working with natural curls. Molly has expanded her skill set to include a variety of hair replacement options for men and women. She is also certified in extensions services of all types.  Being a salon owner now her most important task is building the team and being a positive influence on the community of Hudson and the community of cosmetology professionals.

Hair Stylist
since 2008

Ashley is such a lovely source of calm in our salon, and her work will always speak for itself. Great with long hair and natural curls. She is wonderful  if you are looking for beautiful blond hair of all tones. Ashley is a hard worker and you will see that dedication to her craft come through in your hair.

Hair Stylist
since 2013

Kasey is a deeply compassionate soul, she loves animals and we love having her at HHC . Her  creativity throughout her life shows in many ways here. Kasey is meticulous with her art and would never run away from a big project. If it's a creative vivid look, or a color correction; she will be excited about it.

Hair Stylist
since 2009

Kail is so easy to talk to. Sitting in her chair will feel like having coffee with a friend. She is especially talented with very natural looks and dealing with gray hair. Kali is the one we all go to when we are stuck on a color formula and when we need party planning ideas. You will find the look that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel the most beautiful.



Hair Stylist

since 1997

One of Melissa’s best qualities as a stylist is and a person is what a great listener she is. Melissa has some best long term clients and it's because she really takes a genuine interest. She is best known for her work with fine and curly hair. She enjoys teaching people how to make their texture work for them.

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